So at the weekend I was walking down the streets of Amsterdam (an experience that is quite unique) and I walk past shops full of the standard, mass-produced tourist stuff, which has little or nothing to do with Amsterdam anyway. I also walk past sex shops next to shops selling high-end clothing. With such an array of products it wasn’t long until I stumbled across a window full of gadgets and games where I spotted THIS:


That’s Tolstoy, Shakespeare, Virginia Woolfe and Charles Dickens as magnetic FINGER PUPPETS. My excitement was over the top and girly as I laughed and instantly whipped out my camera. Unfortunately I didn’t have the spare euros to splash out and buy them for “for my niece” and many hours of entertainment . However, it got me thinking: what else is out there to entertain a book fanatic like me? Well, here are some of my favourites; just try and resist.

GoT skirt

1. Westeros on a skirt

I don’t know who first thought of this but wow. Some wonderful person has copied the map of Westeros from the Song of Ice and Fire series onto a skirt. Words can’t describe how cool this would be to own.





2. Book shaped plates

The title says it all really. They are plates in the shape of books and quite frankly, I adore them. Cute and quirky, I’d whip them out for every occasion.





Tea at Pemberley3. Tea at Pemberley necklace

This necklace is inspired by Jane Austen’s Pride and Prejudice. I love jewelry, I love tea and everything to do with tea, so this is pretty much perfect. Etsy is great for interesting jewelry and though it’s mostly from American sellers, most will ship to England at a really reasonable price. This is going on my birthday list (only 4 months to go!)



normal_alice_14. Alice in Wonderland Bag

Like most people I use bags to carry stuff around in – no prizes there – but what makes this one so good is not the bag itself (it’s pretty standard, let’s be fair), it’s the classic Alice in Wonderland illustration. Alice in Wonderland is so over produced and you mostly see the Disney or, more recently, the Tim Burton reproductions. I like the return to its literary roots.




penguin mug5. Penguin Classics Mug

I love this mug for many reasons: firstly, Great Expectations is a fantastic book and is one of my favourite Dickens novels. Secondly, I love that it’s the classic Penguin style, reminding us how far book covers and design has come. Thirdly, what better mug to use whilst sipping a cup of tea and reading a good book? (Tea may be a recurring theme here; I won’t apologise. Books and tea go together like flowers and bees)




Narnia bookends6. Narnia bookends

I don’t normally like having bookends because the OCD part of my brain thinks they make things look cluttered. Yet for this one I might make an exception – it’s not really a bookend so much as a work of art. The depiction of the Pevensies stepping into Narnia is amazing and is one of the defining moments of my childhood reading.




hungry caterpillar cake

7. The Hungry Caterpillar Cake

I love cake decorating and, thanks to Pinterest, I’ve seen lots of imaginative, incredibly detailed cakes that I will now waste my life attempting to copy. This will certainly be one of them. It embraces the sum total of what I do: eating and reading. What’s not to love?







superhero shots8. Superhero shot glasses

If cups of tea, pretty jewelry and cake decorating aren’t your thing, perhaps these will be more up your street. Superhero shot glasses, perfect for a Saturday night drinking fest and they even come with little capes!






So that’s my list for now. Let me know of anything else I might not have seen. Normally these things come up at moments you’re not expecting them and in the strangest of places, so keep a look out. I will probably end up buying them all.


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